561 Sly Brook Rd, Wallagrass, ME

From all points south:

  1. Drive north on Interstate 95.
  2. Approximately 100 miles north of Bangor, take Exit 286 (used to be Exit 60): Oakfield.
  3. Turn left off exit ramp, and head north/west on Rte 212 (toward Knowles Corner and Rte 11).
  4. Approximately 10 miles later, at Knowles Corner, turn right (north) onto Rte 11.
  5.  Pass through the town of Masardis.
  6. Pass through the town of Ashland (note: two 90-degree turns in this town to stay on Rte 11).
  7. Pass through the town of Portage.
  8. Pass through the town of Eagle Lake.
  9. Approximately 8 miles past the town of Eagle Lake, turn right on Soldier Pond Rd.
  10. Pass through the town of Soldier Pond (and over the Fish River Bridge).
  11. After passing over the Fish River Bridge, continue past a general store, past the small Post Office on the left, and proceed uphill another half-mile.
  12. At the very next intersection, turn right (south) onto Sly Brook Rd.
  13. Approximately 3 miles later, Rilester River Camps can be found on the right-hand side of the road, just past a hard-left curve in the road known as "Ben's Curve."